Adolphe Pinard, a French obstetrician designed the Pinard Horn during the 19th century, to listen to fetal heart rate. The Pinard Horn are the oldest form of fetoscope, shaped in the form of cone and it functions by amplifying the sound of fetal heartbeat, it shaped like a trumpet, and requires only one ear for use. The Pinard horn is made of wood or other nonmetal materials, but the wood is popular in developing countries as metal instruments are not usually used due to cultural beliefs. Pinard Horn is a more practical, less expensive, and safer alternative.


  • Fetal heartbeats are not clearly audible using the existing models in the market.
  • Expensive. standard designs of fetoscope are too short.
  • Re-usable


  • Developing the Fetoscope using a PLA/ABS Filament.
  • Layer Height – 0.15mm